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Check out how Brick & Vine has helped real businesses develop their brand.


Website Design Marketing
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Marketing Strategy 
We assisted Order Your Spaces in developing its name, identifying a target customer, finding its company voice and tone and developing a marketing plan. 

Branding & Logo 

We worked with Order Your Spaces to create its brand identity through colors and fonts before working with a graphic designer to create an elegant logo that pulled it all together. 

Website Design

Using Order Yours Spaces' branding, we created a website that is built to generate leads. 

Copy & Content

We crafted all of Order Your Spaces' copy on its website and printed materials, ensuring the messaging was clear and the writing connected with Order Your Spaces' target customer. 

Digital Advertising

Brick & Vine worked with Order Your Spaces to create a series of Facebook and Instagram advertisements that led to more social media engagement and customer leads. 

Email Marketing

Using Mailchimp, we created a welcome email and a free PDF download for new subscribers.


Website Redesign

Welcome Friends provides an amazing service to new residents and businesses in Mobile and Baldwin counties along Alabama's Gulf Coast.


It had an existing website that didn't convey the level of professionalism for which this organization is known.


Brick & Vine used Welcome Friends' existing branding and logo and created a beautiful website that provides a much more functional user experience. 

Copy & Content

As part of the website redesign, Brick & Vine also rewrote all of the copy on the site, creating clear messaging and providing valuable information to users.

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Website Design

Shrink the Divide was an event in Mobile, AL in July 2018 that promoted racial reconciliation in the city. Two major speakers were brought in, and over 1,500 people attended. 

Brick & Vine designed a website to promote the event and then redesigned the site afterward to serve as the website for the organization behind the event, the Pledge Group. 

Print Materials & Signage
Brick & Vine handled submitting orders for yard signs and invite cards.

Event Support
Prior to the event, Brick & Vine set up an Eventbrite page as well as a PayPal account so attendees could donate during the event. We also worked with a video editor to create a series of promotional videos.


Branding & Logo
Carden's Antenna Service has been a successful side business for its owner for 30 years—with zero branding, no logo and no digital presence. Upon retiring from his day job, the owner wanted to reach new customers through a website and social media.


Website Design + Copy

Carden's Antenna does much more than just antennas, so Brick & Vine made sure to spotlight its other services on the website and educate customers on each one.

Other digital services
Brick & Vine created a Facebook account for Carden's Antenna Service, a Google My Business Page and a custom email address.

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Mingledorff's sells commercial air conditioning equipment and needed copy for a conference for healthcare facilities managers. Engineers don't always have the best writing skills, so they contacted Brick & Vine. We helped craft a clear message for their conference flyer.


PowerPoint editing
Brick & Vine also assisted Mingledorff's in editing and polishing a PowerPoint presentation for the conference.